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5 To-Do’s For Stylist During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Professional fashion styling is hard work. 

Staying productive during the COVID-19 pandemic is even harder. 

As a stylist, you learn first hand the importance of having strong networking skills.

The only way to stay productive at home is to stay connected. 

Strong networking skills will take you far and building meaningful relationships adds to productivity both on and off camera. 

While many stylists gain notice from social media, most business success come from friends and colleagues of existing clients.

What that means for productivity?

There’s always work to be done no matter if you’re following up with old clients or getting to know new ones. 

There’s always work to be done!

Discover below 5 To-Do’s for Stylist During Quarantine:

1. Stay on Top of Trends 

Spring is here so it’s important to pay attention to what trends are happening now and what to expect for summer. Keep your clients updated and on trend. Although we may be stuck inside for another 30 days, your client can still enjoy the luxury of feeling stylish and confident inside or out. 

2. Build Your Network and Nurture Relationships

Now is the perfect time to build meaningful relationships online. Use social media as a tool and not the tool for success. 

A few ways to build your network and nurture relationships are:

  • Host virtual styling sessions

  • Go live on social media and connect with your supporters

  • Host a virtual closet sale 

  • Host a social media challenge 

Reach out to your clients and get creative with keeping your relationship strong.

3. Update Your Lookbook

If you're unfamiliar, a look book is a collection of photos that showcase your work as a stylist. Your look book is your shot to show off your styling skills in the hopes of building a bigger, and more high profile, client base. Now is the perfect time to create. Brands and designers want to know what you have to offer for potential pulls or sponsorships. Get ahead of the game and start by creating weekly concepts that’ll make you stand out. A great tool to utilize is Canva. 

4. Practice Pitching 

Know your worth then add tax. There’s power in pitching and now is a great time to learn the ropes of securing brand deals.

Explain what you do as a stylist and include supporting documents like your look book or media kit. Pitch your brand like a boss and take matters into your own hands.

If you don’t have the resources to hire a PR rep or agency, there are many online groups that have mentors to help. A great tribe to join is the E-Boutique 101 Tribe on Facebook created by Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Olori Swank. 

5. Build An Industry Contact List

If NYFW is your goal, there’s no better time to get started on securing an invite than now.

Fashion week is months away so you have time to build your contact list from ground up.

Your first step in making a contact list is listing all the different sponsors, brands, and designers that are involved. Locate each point of contact rather that be the marketing public relations manager.

Start by doing your research on NYFW.COM. Locate a current or previous NYFW schedule and get busy! There are over 100 brands looking for stylist just like you eager to get their product on clients.

No matter if you’re a stylist, blogger, or photographer, a great contact list will take you far in the industry. 

Happy Styling! 

- Cambrai Robinson

Stylist + Founder of

Beyond Beauty x Brai

Contact info:

Instagram: @cambrairobinson

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