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How To Spring Up Your Home Decor Under $100 With Amazon

Updated: May 27, 2020

Hello Spring!

The best way to welcome change is to create it. Now that our homes have become our office, it’s officially time to “Spring Up Your Home Decor".

Make it easy to stay at home with Amazon!

No matter if your interior style is ultra-glam or neutral. There are several low budget, no-cost options to best suit your home and lifestyle.

To help you get through stay-at-home orders, discover below great ideas to elevate your home. Spring into Style! First thing first…

1. Clean it Up

There’s nothing like a clean home! Take your spring clean to the next level by getting rid of over-crowed cabinet and closet space. Pull out your favorite cleaning gear, put on some fun music, and put in work! Your home will instantly feel fresh once it’s clean.

2. Get Organized

Uncluttered Designs Adjustable Drawer Dividers for Utility Drawer Kitchen Storage and Organization (3 Pack)

After you clean start by organizing your open space. Make sure everything visible from your cabinets to your drawers shows off your interior style and aesthetic. A great way to unclutter items is by investing in dividers. Keep all your personal items conveniently in one space.

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Variegated Spathiphyllum Domino Peace Lily Live Plant, 6" Pot, Top Indoor Air Purifier

Bring the outdoors in by adding artificial plants or flowers to your home. A houseplant elevates your space like no other. Some of the best houseplants to invest in are spider plants, peace lily, snake, and bamboo plants.

4. Soothe The Senses

There’s a proven fact that scents have a profound effect on your mood. A great way to set the mood and make your home a complete vibe is by investing in a great oil diffuser or candle.

5. Get Inspired

Now that your home is your office, it's important to stay inspired this Spring. A great way to add inspiration to your home is by adding simple affirmations. A great way to stay motivated is to create an affirmation wall. From the living room, kitchen, and even bathroom, be inspired wherever you go!

6. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes the biggest impact on a space includes removing items out of its original space. Spring up your home décor by rearranging your space for a more spacious open feel. Remove items that you hardly put to use and rethink the way you put your furniture to use.

7. Add Energetic Accents

There’s nothing like energetic accents to brighten the mood.

Spring up your home décor by adding brighter colors to your interior décor.

Go for statement color curtains or sheer panels!

Aquazolax Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains and Drapes - Premium Quality Top Grommets Blackout Drapery Curtains for Kid's Room, 1 Pair, 42"x54", Greenery

TAOSON Home Decorative Cotton Canvas Square Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case Stripe Toss Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper Closure Multiple Colors (18"x18"(45x45cm), Black)

Accent pillows are a great way to add a sense of style to your living space.

Keep it simple with energetic patterns and statement color.

Find accents that compliment each other but not mimic.

Be confident and breathe new life into your home.

Happy Interior Styling!

- Cambrai Robinson

Stylist + Founder of

Beyond Beauty x Brai

Contact info:

Instagram: @cambrairobinson


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